History Eucalyptus, also known as mallee , iron back, stingy bark, blue gum tree, and Australian fever tree. It is the main food of the Koala.  It is indigenous to Australia and is now cultivated in many countries.  The tree has been naturalized in many areas around the world such as Algeria, Brazil, France, Spain and India, …

Guinea Hen Weed: A Powerful Jamaican Herb

I recently ran out of my thyroid medication. I was in pain for days, when the grandmother ( visiting from Jamaica) of a friend of mine told me to get some Guinea Hen Weed. I heard in the past that it was good for you. It is one of the many herbs I have in…

The Miracle Plant – Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is popularly known by many cultures  as a versatile natural remedy.  This miracle plant has been a “go to” cure for many ailments for thousands of years. In my parent’s native land of Jamaica , it is often called “Sinkle bible” or “Single Bible” Other common names of Aloe Vera include Chinese Aloe, Indian Aloe,…

Thyroid and Hashimoto’s Disease

In essence, your thyroid is  the control center of your body.  It is called the body’s thermostat because it maintains our temperature.  It is a butterfly shaped organ in the front of your ne… Source: Thyroid and Hashimoto’s Disease

My Battle With Autoimmune Disease

My mom was the most energetic, full of life, fun loving and active person I know (that is next to my grandma – her mother).  She was always on the go.  She loved to  laugh, loved to cook and … Source: My Battle With Autoimmune Disease