Eucalyptus, also known as mallee , iron back, stingy bark, blue gum tree, and Australian fever tree. It is the main food of the Koala.  It is indigenous to Australia and is now cultivated in many countries.  The tree has been naturalized in many areas around the world such as Algeria, Brazil, France, Spain and India,  In California many are unaware that it was merely introduced there and is not a native plant but has origins elsewhere.

The Eucalyptus tree can be a great asset to areas with Marshy water logged swamps.  Its roots has the ability to soak up the water in the marshes and swamp and restore the land. This is evidenced in Guatemala where a series of Eucalyptus trees were planted in order to restore and resurrect the swamp lands.


Eucalyptus is used to reduce fevers and remedy coughs, colds and other respiratory disorders. It has been used as a mouth wash and antiseptic for wounds when mixed with olive oil and vitamin E.. It can soothe a sore throat and help reduce asthma symptoms. Provides a relief to congestion and be just as effective as any cough medicine. A few drops of oil can help break up mucous.

 Eucalyptus reduces swelling by helping to increase blood flow.  it can act as a pain reliever as it eases tired and sore muscles.

Do not use Eucalyptus in large amounts. It is recommended that only small doses of the herb be used.  This herb is useful in helping to relieve migraine headaches as it helps  dilate capillaries for better circulation.  To stop nausea drop a small amount on the tongue.

I personally have used Eucalyptus to help with colds and coughs and it has worked many times.  The dry leaf can be boiled and steeped.  Pour the water off and drink it as a tea. You can use the oil as a rub especially when congested.  I like to use a small amount as an inhalant for children. It can be very helpful when a child has the croup cough.  When Battling croup, it is recommended that you place the child in a steamy bathroom.  You can also dab a small amount of eucalyptus their clothes as opposed to their skin because it can be very strong.

 If you do want to use a small amount on the skin, use Vaseline as a base. Eucalyptus can also be placed on the pillow at night for relief.  One other option is to  place the boiled eucalyptus water in a large steel bowl and let the vapors fill up the room or drop a few drops in a humidifier.

Click link below to view video..

Eucalyptus treatment video

*This information is for informational uses only and should not substitute for medical advise.  Please consult your physician for medical expertise.


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